Bowline Marine & Cargo Consultants

Marine & Cargo Consultants


We undertake cargo inspections, also accompanying loading operations, aiming to establish the condition of products to be transported, helping the interested party in the issuance of remarks pertaining to the cargo conditions before transportation and also providing them with enough tools in any eventual loss or damages claims.


Special Projects

Taylor made
Development of projects in accordance with your necessities. The combination of two or more services to solve a specific demand. Talk to us.


Ultrasound inspection

Ultrasound inspection
Inspeção da estanqueidade dos  porões através de alta tecnologia.


Cargo Inspections

Project cargoes, break bulk and loose cargoes(lashing and condition certificates on board/ashore before and after shipment. The certification of lashing or condition before and after shipment, made by one of our surveyors,is a guarantee for the interested parties about the condition of how the cargo is carried as much aboard as on wheels.


Private and Official Surveys of Containers

Containers inspection
Survey of structural damage, inspection of contents, accompaniment of stuffing and unstuffing, quantification and qualification of the cargo inside the container. Once a damage condition is recorded, cargo shortage or container seal irregularity, in the terminal either in the Container Terminal or in the off-dock bonded terminal, a request for a Private or Official Survey is generated, depending on the circumstances.


Verification of the quantity of fuel

Bunker survey
Verification by means of sounding and specific calculations of the quantity of fuel on board, and/or received, determining exactly the respective volumes and the emission of the corresponding certificate.


Verification of the quantity of sludge

Sludge survey
Verification by means of sounding, specific calculations and collection of samples of the quantity and nature of the product removed from on board. This determination is important because sludge must be removed from the vessel, safely, without spillage and avoids the unauthorised removal of Bunkers.


Draft Displacement Survey - Solid Bulk

Draft survey
Verification of vessel's Draft and specific calculations of the weight of cargo on board (existent, loaded or discharged) with emission of the appropriate certificate. This calculation is necessary to quantify the diverse types of solid cargo in order to compare the weights obtained with the declared weights from shore weigh-scales or in the absence of these,


Supervision of loading/discharging steel products - Coils, plates etc

pre-loading/ discharging/tally
Accompaniment of the loading/discharge of the steel products verifying the condition alongside the vessel as well as inside the holds, tallying and check the lashing and securing in stow. Issue a report with photographs.


Accompany Lashing & Securing

Lashing Certificate
Verification of the lashing/shoring of the cargo to be in conditions to withstand the rigors of the intended voyage. Through a calculation of the lashing material required our surveyors guarantee the proper securing aboard ship, in containers or on wagons/trucks and issue the corresponding certificate.


Holds Inspections

Hold Inspection
Inspection of vessel’sholds to verify their cleanliness and suitability to receive cargo, checking also the compatibility with the previous 3 cargoes as per the IMO standard requirements.


Analysis of Refrigerated Cargo

Reefer cargo survey
Verification of the temperature and general condition of the cargo as well as pulp tests where applicable and issuance of the corresponding certificate.


Hold and Hatch sealing

Hold sealing
The control of sealing and/or opening of hatchcovers, manholes and/or other spaces, when required. Issue the corresponding Certificate.


Vessel Inspections

On Hire/Off Hire
Verify the ship's condition at on-hire/off-hire in order to establish damages suffered during a Time or Voyage Charter. The verification embraces the inner/outer hull/engine room, deck fittings, hold ladders, hatch covers, all navigational appliances, Certificates, accommodation etc. as well as the measurement of the quantities of fuel, lubricating oil and fresh water.